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About Us

Prospects works with churches all over Scotland. Some churches try to make changes to their regular services to make them more accessible to people with learning disabilities. Other churches run a group aimed at bringing a Bible message to people with learning disabilities in an understandable way.

Who’s Who in PAS 2022

Our Trustees

The Trustees meet regularly and have the legal responsibility for looking after the charity and its work.

Sheila MacLeod Trustee

Sheila MacLeod is a trustee of Prospects Across Scotland

Lindsey Rowlands Trustee

Mrs Lindsey Rowlands (Treasurer) is a trustee of Prospects Across Scotland

Robert Callahan Trustee

Robert Callahan (Vice Chairperson) is a Prospects Across Scotland Trustee

Our Volunteers

Prospects Across Scotland would like to thank the many volunteers who give generously of their time and talents to support this work. If you would like to know a little more about each of us please click on the video link below:

What we can do for you

Our Staff

Hilary Lacroix is employed as Mission Development Coordinator

Jennifer Maden

Jennifer Maden is part-time Administrative Assistant

Ivy Blair

Ivy Blair is employed as Management Coordinator