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Bible Reading Notes booklet now available for purchase

Prospects Across Scotland have published a Bible Reading Notes booklet mainly aimed for use with people with learning disabilities. However, anyone could benefit from using it. It is a 30 day booklet on the theme of ‘Prayer’. Click here to see a sample page. February is our Month of Prayer for PAS and we very much value the prayer support we receive and would like to encourage our friends with learning disabilities to grow in their confidence to pray and be blessed by it.

If you, or someone you know, would be interested in purchasing this booklet, please contact Jennifer by email at admin@prospectsacrossscotland.org.uk. The cost of the booklet is £2.50 (if collected), £3.00 if needs to be posted or if you have access to the Partners Forum as group leader/helper you can print it at no cost.

Bible Reading Notes booklet